Detailed program of the Symposium


1) Physiological aspects of protein and energy metabolism and nutrition

Energy and protein metabolism at different physiological states (pregnancy, suckling and weaning period, aging, diseases/inflammation).

Role of microbiota in the energy and protein metabolism in ruminants.

Role of microbiota in energy and protein metabolism in the large intestine of monogastric animals

Molecular responses to nutrition

Nutritional proteomics

Comparative aspects of the metabolism of cells, tissues and organs in relation to protein and energy

Immunomodulatory effect of energy and protein metabolism

Interactions between nutrition and animal health

Nutrients and energy metabolism under heat stress conditions


2) Animal product quality and health in the light of protein and energy metabolism and nutrition

Energy/protein metabolism and quality of animal-sourced foods.

Nutritional methods to improve the dietetic value of meat, eggs and milk

Muscle metabolism as controlled by nutrition

Aspects of health and safety of animal products

3) Environmental and animal welfare aspects of protein and energy nutrition

Animal feeding as a greenhouse gas emission modulator

Protein and energy metabolism related to (regulation on) nitrogen and mineral release to environment

Nutrition and welfare of animals

4) Feed sources and feed processing related to energy and protein digestion and metabolism

Consequences of protein and energy malnutrition (effect of high/low fat diets, high/low protein diets) for animals.

Feed processing and its effect on energy and protein digestion and metabolism

Bioactive compounds and their effects on energy and protein digestion and metabolism

Non-GMO and novel protein sources and their utilization in animal nutrition

5) Methodological aspects of research on protein and energy metabolism and nutrition

Animal models and techniques for energy/protein metabolism and nutritional studies

Role of animals as models for humans


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European Federation for Animal Science


The Kielanowski Institute of Animal Physiology and Nutrition PAS
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 University of Agriculture in Krakow

Warsaw University of Life Sciences – SGGW in Warsaw

Polish Academy
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